Size Guide

If You Already Have A Fitting Ring

1. Download the PDF chart by clicking on the button.

2. Print at 100%. Do not apply any scaling to the print.

3. When you have the print, measure the line with a ruler to check the scale is accurate.  It should be 5cm

4. Place an existing ring over the template circles ensuring you can see the whole circle underneath the ring when you look through the hole in the ring.

5. Note your size.

If You Do Not Have A Ring

1. Measure your finger by wrapping a length of cotton or paper around your finger.

2. Mark with a pen where it starts to overlap then measure the length in millimetres and compare with the chart.

3. This is the diameter of the ring you will need.


Need Further Help?

If you are having difficulty finding your ring size, please order a  ring size belt and we will pop it in the post for you.  Or use the chart on this page to find the ring size that gives you the best match.

I absolutely love my spoon ring! It’s unique and stands out beautifully on my finger. Jo will adjust your ring if it’s needs to be and then it fits perfectly. Thanks Jo xx

Becky Attwell