Silver anklet with heart by Joon Silver

Hi everyone

Well, what a month! Thank you to everyone who came to a market or celebration or parade. We have had a ball!

Collage of images taken during May at the events Joon Silver have attended

Summer is around the corner so I’m back in the shed or  ‘shedquarters’ 🤣🤣 making toe rings and anklets. Ready for flip-flop season!


Toe rings

I have two options available to you, plain or textured 2 sizes available but all adjustable for comfort


Detailed with a little heart can be hooked larger or smaller and I have made a larger one of 10.5 inches for anyone like myself who had a tree trunk

If you are looking for somewhere to go over the coming weeks, why not come and see me?  You can find all the Events I will be attending on my Find Me At page.

Whether you are staying home or going away have a fabulous month.

Stay sparkly

Jo x