Join Jo in Hay on Wye over the summer - the town of books - image is of a book shelf with many coloured books

Hi everyone

Well, what a scorcher!  Hope you’ve all kept well and cool in the recent weather.

I’ve been having fun at markets, never thought I’d be having to ask people to be careful in case they burnt themselves by touching the silver on display!!!

I am in Hay on Wye quite a few dates over the summer holidays (check when and where over on Find Me At) so being the book town, I’ve made some new book pendants and book pins which you can see in the photo below. What do you think?

They are not on my website as they are quite niche but if you’d like one come to Hay-On-Wye or Contact Me privately  😊

Book pin and pendant handmade by Jo of Joon Silver
Daffodil Drop Earrings created by Jo of Joon Silver

Daffodils Earrings

I have been experimenting today and I have created these gorgeous Daffodil earrings. As Daffodils are synonymous with Wales, why not treat yourself or your loved ones if they are passionate about being Welsh or simply love Daffodils!

Did you know that Daffodils are some of the first flowers that bloom in springtime and show that winter is coming to an end, and because of that they symbolise rebirth, hope and new beginnings!  Isn’t that lovely!

The Meaning of Joon Silver

And I just thought I’d share that recently a the lady came to my stall in Cardiff Bay and explained my business name.  I called my business Joon as I am Jo and I started by making rings from spoons.
Jo + spoon = Joon
BUT it is also a Persian word that means spirit/soul/life and is used as an affectionate term with someone’s name to show love and respect so as my jewellery is often given as a token of love it just seems to fit ❤️ 

Joon means Life or Soul

Joon is the word for life or soul. Because Persians are prone to drama and exaggeration, this term is also used quite liberally. It can be translated as meaning something along the lines of “my dear”, but more literally you are saying “my soul”.

If you are out and about at any of the Markets I’m attending over the summer please do come and say, just look for the purple gazebo and you’ll find me.

Until next time, have fun

Jo x