Bee Safe / Bee strong / Bee Happy adjustable wrap ring in Sterling Silver


Bee Handmade ring, bee safe / bee strong / bee happy design, adjustable to fit. Sterling Silver.


Bee Safe, Bee Strong  or Bee Happy sentiment ring.  Stamped with a small bee on front. Inside has the words 'bee safe' or ‘bee strong’ or ‘bee happy, hand stamped. (Hand stamping is hammered into the silver deeper than engraving but will not be uniform)

A lovely unique sentiment ring

Handmade silver ring ,  adjustable from size L to W
4mm wide Sterling Silver. 925.  design by Joon Silver. 925. 3.9g Comfortable for thumb or finger

Gently open to extend and squeeze to fit.

Material: Solid Silver

A perfect gift for a friend or relative to show you care

Please note that each piece Is handmade and so may differ slightly making yours unique.

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Bee Safe, Bee Strong, Bee Happy